You have just opened your cannabis dispensary. At first there was a steady flow of clients. It could have been the excitement of a new dispensary to visit. With time the steady flow of traffic grew to a trickle.

Worry not. You can bounce back your business with these proven traditional methods:

  1. The Use of Billboard/Outdoor

For your billboard/outdoor campaign to be effective, you need to target the area where the dispensary is located. You can use traditional billboard mounted in the local shopping area.  You can also have posters on the local transport such as buses, taxis, trams etc. Many owners of cannabis dispensaries claim that this method really works well for them.

  1. The Radio Technique 

Using the radio as a tool to advertise your cannabis dispensary can be a bit challenging. This is because many people have moved away from the radio as a mode of passing information. There are still a few who still cling to this traditional method. Take advantage and have your cannabis dispensary advertised on radio, especially just before the news bulletin.

  1. Use of Print media 

If you are not careful when using print media too advertise your cannabis dispensary, you can end up spending a lot of money with very little returns. If you consider print, it’s best to limit your efforts to local alternative media which tend to be less expensive, that is less restrictive, and can be effective (but hard to measure).

  1. Word of Mouth Technique 

Clearly, this is one of the most effective and cheapest strategies for marijuana marketing buy weed online as people trust what friends and family tell them. Word-of-mouth may technically be traditional, but more often than not, now takes place on social media.

What Are The Challenges Of Traditional Media Techniques?

Just as with any form of marketing, this traditional method of advertising also has its fair share of tribulations.

The greatest challenge in using traditional methods of advertising is that you don’t always reach your target clients.

 There are also legal aspects that you may not be aware of that will hinder productive advertising.

Traditional methods of advertising are slowly being faced out as the best option for reaching out. The digital methods are quickly taking over and being the new face of advertising.

Whichever method you adopt, it is vital to carry out a feasibility study to know what works in your area. A cannabis dispensary can be a sensitive business to market because of the secrecies that surround the plant associated with the plant used to make the drugs.

Don’t let the challenges experienced in traditional marketing hinder you from getting to your target customers and expanding your business.

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