The legalization of cannabis in many states in the country has contributed to the increase in driving while intoxicated cases. These charges are very serious as they could make you lose your driver’s license, be incarcerated, pay fines, and participate in community service, among others. That is why you should, at all times, avoid driving while stoned in order to avoid finding yourself on the wrong side of the law. Nonetheless, in case you are charged with driving while under the influence of cannabis, all is not lost as you could fight your way to freedom. However, there are things that you could do that could ruin your case. Below are some of the things that you need to avoid at all times. 

Driving with a minor while intoxicated 
The number one mistake that you could do while driving while under the influence of cannabis is carrying a minor with you. This is because it is assumed that the minor cannot be able to make decisions on their own, and therefore you are putting their life at risk. This is very dangerous and a serious offense, which could ruin your chances of acquittal, Therefore, whenever an arresting officer proves to the court that you were driving while intoxicated and you had a minor with you, then your penalties will be harsh as compared to one who was driving on their own. 

DUI while your license is suspended 
One of the penalties that you could face when finding guilty of driving under the influence of cannabis charge is your driver’s license being suspended for some time. In case, therefore, you had been charged before and your license revoked, and you are arrested again and found guilty of driving while intoxicated, then that could spell doom for your case. That is why you should at all times heed to the rulings of the court, so as not to find yourself on the wrong side of the law and put yourself in a good position to defend your DUI case. 

Prior offenses 
One of the mistakes that you could do is repeating the same mistake over and over again. This is because it sends a message to the judge that you do not take the penalties seriously. This, in turn, could ruin your chances of acquittal, once the prosecutors prove beyond a reasonable doubt to the judge that you are a perennial driving while intoxicated with cannabis criminal. In order to send a strong message to you, the judge may punish you with very lethal penalties. This being the case; therefore, you should avoid repeating the same mistakes that you have been charged with before, to avoid ruining your chances of acquittal. 

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