Indica is the marijuana strain with plants that has wide leaves; the plant is short and busy. This is a fast growing plant, generally with a high yield. This marijuana high is relaxing and the plant known for its medical qualities. When used for medical purposes it can decrease nausea, relax muscles, increase appetite and decrease acute pain. Indica is cannabis that increases dopamine and reduces anxiety making it a perfect strain to use at night.

This strain is high in THC that can grow good indoors, in a greenhouse or outdoors.

Pure 100 Percent Indica

The two strains of marijuana are Indica and Sativa. One hundred percent Indica best strains include:

? Northern Lights: This is one of the most famous and popular strains  that is pure indica. It is fast growing, flowers early with resinous buds. The buds are crystal coated and can have purple hues. The aroma of is sweet and spicy wit psychoactive effects that relaxes the body. Grown indoors it has a general flowering time of 45 to 50 days.

? Hindu Kush: This Kush has buds with a thick coating of crystal trichomes. It has a sweet earthy aroma with a touch of sandalwood. The strain promotes a deep sense of calm; helps reduce pain, stress, and nausea.

? Afghan Kush: This strain has a blunt topped bud full of resin that is pure indica. The plant has a heavy yield. It is a relaxing high with sedating effects.

? Pakistan Valley: The pure indica strain is a bushy plant that is squat rather than tall. The aroma is earthy and floral. This strain has a long lasting relaxing high that is good for headaches, pain, restlessness, and nausea.

? Mazar-I-Sharif: This is a taller strain that has a large yield with heavy resin flowers. The high is a potent physical relaxation with an almost narcotic potency.

Indica Hybrid Strains

Hybrid cannabis plants with Indica dominate is popular since it has the relaxing feeling because it is indica dominant there is also a touch of potency of Satvia. The top favorites in the hybrid strain of marijuana include:

? Purple Kush: This strain of Kush is a cross of Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani with a subtly earthy aroma that has a sweet twist. This strain has a long lasting euphoria for the mind while it relaxes the body. The plant will grow wide but not necessarily tall and harvested following an eight-week flowering time.

? Kosher Kush: This is a Kush has a high THC level with some reaching over 29%. It has an aroma of rich earth and fruit with heavy indica properties. This is a strain for relaxation, pain relief, and sleep.

? Sunset Sherbet: This indica dominant hybrid cannabis strain with a full body high. The aroma is a sweet berry, skunky citrus and candy smell. This high relieves stress and tension while promoting physical relaxation.

? Strawberry Banana: This hybrid is a 70 percent indica dominant plant with a sweet fruity flavor. It is resin heavy with a high THC content. The high from this strain promotes sensory awareness with peaceful effects.

? Dark Star: This hybrid is a cross between Purple Kush and Mazar-I-Sharif that grows good indoors. The strain is nearly a bluish strain with a 10-week flowering period. The buds are heavy with crystals and copper color hairs. The high is a heavy cerebral calm promoting a relaxed feeling throughout the body.

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