Just like the rest of the communities in the world, the Cannabis community has been drastically affected by the current pandemic being faced by most of the world, that is, the coronavirus. The pandemic has affected this community in more than simply breaking their puff and pass joint circles. Various cannabis shows and events have been canceled or postponed in response to the fear of being faced by the entire world. Furthermore, cannabis shops are being closed. In other areas, residents are stockpiling cannabis in case of quarantine. The public has felt the need to take precautionary measures to keep safe, and so have the cannabis users.
Preventive measures taken by cannabis users during coronavirus include:
1. Thorough hand washing.
Prevention has indeed always been better than cure. One of the ways of protecting yourself from the coronavirus during this pandemic is by washing your hands thoroughly. That is for at least 20 seconds. This plays a huge role in minimizing the chances of contracting the coronavirus. This is especially if you have been in contact with an infected person or a person who has been in a high-risk area. Cannabis users require to do this more, given the idea that their hands come in contact with their mouths most of the time.
2. Isolate yourself from the public.
COVID-19 may not be an airborne virus, but if within less than 6 feet with an infected person, the chances of getting the virus are higher. This makes it quite important to practice social distancing as much as possible during this pandemic. Although CO2 Oil Pen cannabis users do enjoy spending most of their time with each other in their joint circles, isolate yourself during this period. Self-isolation is not only for infected personnel but also for those who are not infected with the virus. This is given the fact that sneezing or coughing are some of the symptoms of the virus. The use of public transport and public gatherings should also be reduced.
3. Minimize cannabis usage during the coronavirus
Both smoking and COVID-19 affect the respiratory system. With the virus and smoking weakening your lungs, you have minimal survival chances compared to a non-smoker. Even being affected by the coronavirus mildly could affect a smoker more than a non-smoker. It is advisable to minimize cannabis usage during the coronavirus.
4. Do not believe the rumors about the coronavirus remedies.
A certain social hype of the prevention or cure comes with every epidemic or pandemic. COVID-19 has not been any different. Multiple unproven cases have already been heard of. These outlandish claims may include the use of cannabis. Avoid falling for such rumors and do only what s necessary to keep yourself safe, according to Phantom Weed Online.
5. Do not share mouthpieces and joints.
The puff and pass culture, which is common to most cannabis users, creates a perfect way for spreading the coronavirus. Even if disinfecting of joints as possible, the virus would still exist; therefore, the only possible method is for every smoker to use their own joint.

In conclusion, cannabis usage during the coronavirus possesses a greater chance of infection and may cause more damage to one’s respiratory system. However, if the required precautionary measures are taken, one may not be infected with the virus at all if infected less damage is caused.