Marijuana appears to be a harmless drug but it has far more adverse effects on the health of an individual. Though it may seem harmless, it can affect your life and the people that you depend on. One can develop a risk of relying on the drug and becomes less [productive in society if they do not consume the drug daily. Therefore, everyone who smokes Marijuana is at risk of either having a low IQ or a higher risk of developing psychosis. It is important to avoid this drug because it would affect your life negatively socially, financially, morally, and physically. 

Effects include: 

Research suggests that the consumption of Marijuana has a direct effect on the size of your brain. That translates to the measure with which information would move to different parts of the brain. When such occurs an individual will not be affected when they have not smoked it hence, becoming dependant on the drug. In the long run, it will affect their health, financial position, and well being of their families and spouses. Cannabis contains THC that affects the brain receptors that have a direct effect when it comes to memory, appetite, and the mood of a person.  

Cannabis’s main compound; tetrahydrocannabinol some point increases the level of neural noise in the brain. That would ultimately affect the way they would behave and conduct themselves after consuming the drug. They are likely to behave in a manner that is not morally acceptable. In its consumption, it kills the vital cells that are significant to the working of the brain.  

Consumption of Cannabis affects how you will judge and respond to senses. That would depend on the consumption rate and the way it is consumed. Therefore, it interferes with the way you check on time, destabilizes your motor skill hence, making you driving experience a nightmare and lowers your desire for sex.  

Although Marijuana is an illegal drug, Medicinal Marijuana continues to help and treat many people. The drug is used for easing the pain when one is hurt and helps in reducing anxiety and the people who consume it. The drug makes it difficult for an individual to remember things, learn, and focus.  That takes place for 24 hours after smoking.  

When consuming Marijuana, people tend to feel hungry and therefore need to eat regularly. That would be ideal for people who contracted cancer and AIDS, and other ailments that require weight gain. However, in doing that, it affects the heart that needs to work harder than usual. In the long run, one is at risk of having a heart attack and even gets worse when one is advanced in age or has pre-existing heart conditions.  


Cannabis has many side effects on the health of a person. However, with proper use and legislation, medicinal Marijuana can be of great help to the people Skunk’s Oasis .