There are two species of strains which include Sativa vs Indica cannabis strains although hybrid is also another type of it. In this article, I will highlight the difference, its side effects and how you should determine rightful product for yourself. By the end of this, you will know if it is good or not to consume it from a company like Shiva Buzz online cannabis store.

Different between Indica and Sativa

According to the origin of both Sativa vs Indica cannabis strains, Sativa is commonly found in the dry and hottest region while indica is found often in a scorched harsh climate. Also according to its physical appearance, Sativa is narrow and high with finger-like and they grow tall up to   12 feet and take longer to mature as compared to others why indica are short and bulky with leaves that are broad and they mature faster compared to.Sativa is most likely to be used daytime while indica is used during night time. Lastly, Sativa is known to have insufficient quantities Of CBD and massive quantities of THC while indica is referred to as having high quantities of CBD and less few of THC.

Side effects of consuming it

Thus, despite being correlated with its usefulness, it also has various side consequence which includes dry mouth, dizziness, increased heart rate, dry eyes, weaken blood pressure and uncertainty. Excess smoking can irritate the lungs hence causing respiratory problems.

How to determine the favourite product for you.

First, to determine the best and rightful Sativa vs Indica cannabis strains for yourself, first determine your medical history so that it may not affect yourself. Also, consider checking consumption strategies either to chew or smoke it. Thus, to determine also the best product for yourself, first, check its impact and know if you can be affected or not. Lastly, to consume the product, determine the purpose of taking it, whether it is rightful or not.

In conclusion, the above-mentioned is everything you should know about Sativa vs Indica cannabis strains. That is its differences, impacts and how you should determine the rightfull product for you. Know that there are side effects on your health so you should consider being careful about your body. Also consuming the product in some countries may be illegal and legal according to your region.