A growing number of states are legalizing the use of cannabis for recreational and medical purposes. If you’re interested in trying it or have a medical condition that may benefit from cannabis, finding a dispensary near your home or workplace is one of the most critical steps.

A cannabis dispensary is a store that sells marijuana and related products to customers with prescriptions or medical cards. All states that have legalized medical marijuana have allowed qualifying patients to grow their plants. But while home growing can be a cost-effective way to obtain the legal marijuana you need, dispensary cannabis is more likely to be high quality and a better product.

This article will offer a few tips on how to find a cannabis dispensary near you;

1. Talk to your doctor.

Your doctor is an excellent resource for cannabis advice. She may already have some suggestions about where to buy it, whether there are dispensaries near your home, or how much you should charge when giving marijuana to someone who doesn’t have a prescription. Your doctor may also be able to guide you on the best strains of cannabis and the most effective methods of using it. He can even recommend specific brands and products at local dispensaries that might benefit you.

2. Ask around.

Your friends and family may know of a physician or dispensary to help you find marijuana products in your area. They may also have helpful information about using cannabis safely and effectively.

3. Visit the dispensary website.

Many medical marijuana stores have a website that will serve you well if you’re looking for the right dispensary. Most of these sites have information about the types of cannabis they sell, their prices, and their strains. They may also have helpful videos or blogs that can give you more detailed help on using cannabis safely and effectively.

4. Call ahead to make an appointment.

You can also ask your doctor if he knows of a particular dispensary that he would recommend to his patients. Some doctors will even be able to contact a dispensary on your behalf.

5. Ask your community.

Your local police department, school district, or library may have a list of legal cannabis dispensaries near your home or workplace, and they may also have a map to help you find them.

6. Look for the yellow-green cross at the start of the road.

One great way to find a cannabis dispensary is to look for the yellow-green cross at the beginning of the street (or on its own, in some cases). This cross is the universal symbol for cannabis. If you can’t find a cross, look for the dates in your state and then check a few days before that date.


Often you will run into places that advertise medical marijuana. If you have a legitimate medical condition, you may be able to get it from a cannabis dispensary. If not, the next best thing is to check online or call ahead and ask if they typically have what your doctor recommends.