Although the effect of cannabis cannot be significantly compared to tobacco and alcohol, still its side effect cannot be denied. Below are some of the health effects of cannabis depending on the mode of consumption.


A person may becomeĀ addicted to cannabis to the extent that they will not able to quite its use. Even when necessity calls for the quitting of the drug, it become impossible to stop using the substance. Such condition can force a person to give up their important schedule such as neglecting their kids, quitting their jobs and forgetting to care for their young once. This can bring about domestic problems in the family and cause family breakup especially when the couples are together as one family unit.

Brain Effect

Cannabis have direct effect on the brain especially when causes memory impairment, low attention, excess tolerance that can effect individualā€™s decision making, and reaction time. For the case of adults, this problem can destruct the family decision making, and even expose children to problem created by their parents. Moreover, it is an indication that development in such society is hampered, because the old people are the once expected to take responsibility to be role model to the young upcoming cause total failure in taking responsibilities.

Poisonous Effect

Overconsumption of edible cannabis can be poisonous. This mainly occur when the product is eaten with food or taking like a drink. Unlike when it is being smoked, the quantity of the product been taken cannot be measurable, thus resulting into poisoning the person. The result may become difficult to address and therefore can cause a big harm to the body. This effect can be attributable to a mount of tetrahydrocannabis that is present in the product, and can be really harmful if its present in large quantity.

Socioeconomic Problems

It is not negligible that all kinds of drugs can contribute to social and economic deterioration. When the elder person in the family consumes a substance, they are not spending stones to buy the consumable product, but rather they spent their own capital which could have served another development project for the community. On the same note, it is the moral behavior of the elderly that either destroy or shape the behavior of the young ones. So, if the elders consume such drugs, then the young ones will not relent and it will be dangerous for the whole family.

Possibility of Been Involved in Other Drug

It had been a common behavior among people who are involving in the use of a certain drug to have relations with other drug dealers. Though this is mainly common among the youth, the old cannot be spared too, because they also have friends that exert some kind of pressure on them, especially for commercial purpose. Therefore, it is easy for the person to divert from their plan and run into a risk. For example; if the individual purpose for the use of cannabis was medicinal, and they happened to be influenced by others to enter into commercial purpose, then, they have lost their purpose and will be costly on them.

The negative effect of Cannabis can be as many as its positive perception, and it cannot be denied. It is therefore important to control and monitor the behaviors of those adult that consume cannabis. This will help to reduce the wide mental and social effect of the drug on the senior societies who are the backbone of every community Best Kind of Delivery BC